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Anonymous asked:

in 2009 i went to a jonas brothers concert. I receieved an email from team Jonas 3 days before telling me that i had won meet and greet tickets, i had never been more excited in my life. When i arrived at the venue i was shaking, the wait was finally over. Me & my friend were next to go into the meet & greet area & as i walked through the doors tears started rolling down my face. joe came over to me & said "dont cry" and then gave me a hug. i had so much to say but i couldnt find the words. i then got my photo taken with all 3 boys & as i went to hand kevin a picture i had drawn of him, he whispered something in joes ear. i was confused at first, but then he pulled me over to one side while my friend spoke with nick & joe. kevin had discovered my deepest darkest secret. for around 6 months i had been self harming, not too deep or anything but it was getting worse as time had passed & things got harder to cope with. Kevin had seen my cuts & he put his arm around me and the words he said will stay with me forever "i noticed something, im not going to say it because im sure you know what i mean and its obviously somehing very personal. I promise you that everything is gonna be okay and please know that me,nick & joe love you very much okay? nevr forget that. you are all so special every single one of you and dont you ever let anyone tell you different." all i could say was "thankyou, i love you" as i shakily hugged him for the second time. when i went back over joe & nick winked at me and i smiled through the tears. as i walked out and the next person was about to come in kevin shouted to me "take care, remember what i said" Since that very day i never ever cut again. kevin saved me from something that could have caused me to breakdown. the jonas brothers are such beautiful people i just want everyone to read this story so they can see how amazing these boys are. That night changed my whole life. sorry its long, thanks for letting me send you it<3


hrekbfndekhfkjdn oh my, i dont even know what to say. i think thats the single most beautiful story i’ve ever heard, wow. thankyou so much for sharing that with me how amazing is that! ALL OF MY FOLLOWERS NEED TO READ THIS RIGHT NOW. i love them so much.x

An anonymous story you should check out…. It’s not fan fiction, it’s a testimony of how the biggest of the Jonas Bros (Kevin Paul) changed a life.

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